Ellie Homer

I joined Angels Dance Academy when I was 7 years old, where I started in Funky Angels in 2008. I worked my way through the academy and now dance for 2 senior teams in both Hip Hop and Jazz; Dominion and Virtues. I coach Lil Angels (Tiny Hip Hop), Cupid (Tiny Cheer) and Cassiel (Youth Jazz) at the academy and have been coaching for 2 and a half years. I have been extremely lucky to have danced with Shadow Angels at the 2016 and 2017 Dance World Championships and am over the moon to have a place on the 2018 worlds team, Dominion. One of my favourite memories at the academy was being chosen for the Elite Junior Hip Hop team Lil Dark in 2011, where we went on to win Grand Champions at Nationals in 2013!

Belle Palmer

I joined Angels when I was 10 years old, so have been competing in different teams over the years. My biggest achievement was being chosen to dance for Team England in 2015! Later that year, my dream of becoming a Dark Angel came true. As well as Dark, I am also part of our academy's closed jazz group, Virtues. Currently, I coach Cassiel alongside two other coaches and I will be the new assistant coach of Twinkles from September. A fun fact which I feel is more of a insult, is that when I dance full out I resemble Beetle Juice.

Lois clark

I've been dancing with angels since the age of 8 and joined in 2008 starting in ADA funky angels. I am now in ADA Dominion and Virtues and i I help coach jazz with Alleviate angels. My biggest achievement has been getting into a worlds team for the past 2 years and winning Shadows dancers dancer of 2017. Interesting/fun fact is that my nickname is slit because of the scar in my eyebrow!

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Charlie Bedford

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Meet The Coaches

Charlie Bedford

I am co owner and director of the Angels Dance Academy which I have had the pleasure of running for the last 11 years. I am also choreographer for Dark Angels who have competed in USASF dance worlds for 11 years, Also achieving world champion status in 2008! I have also achieved the prestigious award of international dance choreographer of the year and also entered as the first dance coach in Future Cheer Hall of fame!
Angels Dance Academy is such a special place with so many talented and dedicated dancers and parents. I have seen it grow over the years and I am so proud just to sit back and watch it flourish year after year!
We do fly higher!!!
Fun fact about me- I was the lead singer in a band and I sang at Glastonbury festival! Left field stage! I've been called the songbird of my generation

Michelle Sergeant

Proud Co-owner, Director, Choreographer and Head Cheer Coach of an incredibly talented and successful Academy. I have the pleasure of working with my best friend everyday whilst training our athletes to become superstars, role models and assistant coaches. Crazy, Machine, Black Panther, Superhero & Twerk Queen, are a few of the names I am called daily. I love it all and wouldn't trade it in for the world! Angels really do fly higher!

Stephanie Bedford

I've been a part of the Angels since Charlie took over the Hip Hop for Angels when we were 18.
I absolutely Love being a part of ADA it brings so much love and Joy into our life lives!
I love the fact I get to share my amazingly talented husbands passion with him and also get to work along side such amazing friends !
Fun fact about me I love Dance - just not very good at it good job I'm good at organising xx

Rebecca Alice-Whitewood

Joined the angels in 2009. I dance in dark angles dominion and guardian and have competed on the worlds stage numerous times. I coach 7 teams across the academy in Hiphop and jazz.
My biggest achievement was winning dark angel of the decade and for starting the jazz side of the academy and continuing to watch it grow!
I feel extremely lucky to be a part of such a special family with ADA!
Fun (obvious) fact about me...I look like a moon

Ruby Gardiner

First joined the Angels was I was 6 years old back in 2002!! I was first ever taught by Tracey Bedford in Tiny Pom (used to be peewee Pom!). I now dance in Dark Angels, Dominion, and Guardian and have been competing in worlds for many amazing years now! I coach and co-coach 5 teams in the academy doing both Hip-Hip and Jazz. I have many amazing achievement since being in ADA but winning idance twice, competing in HHI in Vegas and coming 2nd in the world championships have to be up there with the best!! (And dancing as Harley Quinn in worlds was pretty awesome too!)
I feel so lucky to be involved with ADA and it has become such a huge part of my life.
Interesting fact: I used to be a cheerleader until I fell out of a stunt and broke my nose.


Has been dancing with Angels since 2008 starting off in ADA Shadows. Invited to join Dark in 2010 (best day of my life) and has competed on the Worlds stage numerous times! Has coached Ascending Angels (beginners hip hop) in the past and currently coach Twinkles (mini hip hop) for the last 5 years! Fun fact, nobody knows my real name is Laura!

Lauren Dennis

I've been with ADA since 2005 when Kingswood Unique Angels and Ashton Angels merged together creating Angels Dance Academy! I coach Arc Angels and assist coaching virtues. I am in Dark Angels, Guardian Angels and Tabris Elite. I've competed at the Dance Worlds every year since 2013. My biggest achievements would be coming 2nd in the world with Dark! Competing in 2 teams (Dark and Shadows) at the Dance Worlds, competing in Team England hip hop 2015 and winning Dark Angels Loyalty Award 2017!! Fun fact I have a degree in Dance!

Emma Dee Banks

Unlike the other coaches in the academy I don't have a dance or cheer background but found my love of cheer through my kids. I started helping out with kits and uniforms soon after Mitch joined ADA in 2010. Since then I've gained a cheerleading coaches qualification and truly fallen in love with the sport and all the athletes that step through the door.


Began Cheerleading 7 years ago Background as a sponsored free runner and Circus performer Coaching tumble for approximately 7 years Qualified level 1-5 cheerleading and tumble coach Competed levels 2-6 Has been national champion at levels 2-5 This will be season 5 with Angels Dance Academy Competed with Coventry Dynamite Ignite, Predators Athletics, Angels Dance Academy, University of Bristol Jets, University of the West of England Comets, Swansea Sirens Currently on Uniity Allstars Black IOC6

Gracie Toy

I have been dancing in angels since 2011. I got asked to be in Dark Angels in 2015 and I have competed in Worlds twice now. I coach 3 teams and help around with other classes, I am in 4 teams, jazz and hip hop. I am so lucky to be in such a nice academy it's like my second family. Fun fact: I am only 15

Jay Tyler

Acting has always been a huge part of my life and I love that I can make it a part of others lives too! I have a degree in drama and am a qualified teacher with a passion for writing and directing script and giving others the confidence and skills to do the same.

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